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Amy Jo Meiners

2016 Alaska Teacher of the Year

Amy Jo Meiners

2016 Alaska Teacher of the Year has multiple resources organized for any learning tool you might need as a teacher, parent and student, and I love the ability to be able to sort by grade, subject, enrichment, or type.
Mary Spiker

2017 Idaho Teacher of the Year

Mary Spiker

2017 Idaho Teacher of the Year provides interactive learning opportunities that grow my students' knowledge and deepen their understanding no matter their ability level.
Cathy Whitehead

2016 Tennessee Teacher of the Year

Cathy Whitehead

2016 Tennessee Teacher of the Year is the one place I can go to find the resources I need for my students, no matter what kind or level of support is right for them.
Darbie Valenti

2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year

Darbie Valenti

2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year

Ideas to help inspire me as I design lessons and a plethora of resources to meet my students' varied needs make an extremely valuable resource.
Heather Anderson

2016 Oregon Teacher of the Year

Heather Anderson

2016 Oregon Teacher of the Year is filled with engaging games, books, activities and resources for students, parents and teachers.
Jeune Provost

2015 Virgin Islands Teacher of the Year

Jeune Provost

2015 Virgin Islands Teacher of the Year has given my students the opportunity to be creative while engaged in meaningful problem solving.

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Miamiopia - Virtual World For Kids  
The KidsKnowIt Network
A KidsKnowIt Network Service

Welcome to Miamiopia. The Totally Free Educational Virtual World For Kids.

Miamiopia has been developed by The KidsKnowIt Network, and educational company that focuses on providing high quality FREE educational products to children around the world via the Internet. Like everything we create The World of Miamiopia is a completely free service.

What is Miamiopia?
Miamiopia is a virtual world, where children of all ages can create characters and then use these characters as they explore, play educational games, and solve puzzles and other challenges. As children play the over 300 educational games, their characters earn "coins". These coins can be used to purchase accessories, such as virtual clothing, wigs, jewelry, belly stickers, homes, and home decor.

Why a virtual world?
Learning is fun. Children who are introduced to the joy of knowledge at a young age grow to become life long learners. For more than a decade, we at The KidsKnowIt Network have worked hard, creating thousands of games, movies, comics, songs, and articles, all designed to encourage children to adopt such life long learning habits.

These activities and games have each been designed independently from one another. Developed to reinforce particular skills and to teach knowledge about specific topics. Our virtual world is different. It allows us to tie several hundred new games and activities together into a single familiar framework.

Such a system then allows us to reward children, not just with high scores, as our earlier games have done, but to instead allow them to accumulate ongoing rewards. The more they play, the more "coins" they earn, thus allowing them to buy additional accessories for their characters.

As the education of students advances, so does the status of their character. Children have fun, as they watch and guide their Miamiopian around the World of Miamiopia.

Concepts and Definitions:

  • The World of Miamiopia
    Miamiopia is an educational virtual world for children. It is a city that was built by the people of Miamiopia called "Miamiopians". This world is divided into a number of districts, each focusing on a different type of knowledge.

  • Miamiopian
    A citizen of Miamiopia is called a "Miamiopian". Miamiopians begin their lives as balloons here on Earth. Occasionally when a balloon escapes the hands of a human, it floats away. Some of these balloons, the lucky ones, find their way to Miamiopia. Taking on human form, these Miamiopians begin an educational journey, a pursuit of knowledge that leads to their own betterment, as well as bringing light and peace to the world of Miamiopia.

    In addition to a player's own character there are many other virtual Miamiopians. Players can talk to many of these virtual Miamiopians, by clicking on them. Talking to these Miamiopians is a very good idea. They will give you clues about how to earn medals and trophies.

  • Districts
    The World of Miamiopia is divided into a number of districts. Each district focuses on a different educational topic, such as Math, Biology, Reading, Music, etc. Districts are made up of a number of buildings that children can explore. In addition to educational games and activities, each district also contains a trophy and a medal, which children can earn by solving a number of puzzles, and by following clues.

  • Buildings
    Buildings can be found all over Miamiopia. A player can enter any unlocked building by clicking on the door. Within these buildings are games, activities, clues, and other puzzles.

  • Trophies
    Each district has a District Trophy, which students can earn by solving certain puzzles, and by following clues. In order to earn a trophy, a student must first discover what they must do to earn it. They must then achieve all of the required tasks.

    To learn how to earn a trophy, players should talk to other Miamiopians. These virtual citizens of Miamiopia will share information, which when combined with the clues from other Miamiopians will give students a clearer picture of what they must do.

    Earning trophies is not required. Students may play all the games, and purchase most accessories without doing so. It is an additional challenge that students can choose whether or not they want to complete.

  • Medals
    Like trophies, each district also has a medal that students can earn. In order to earn a medal, students must complete certain tasks. A medal is easier to earn than a trophy, but still takes some work to accomplish.

  • Keys
    Some buildings in Miamiopia are locked. To open a locked door, players must find the key to that specific door. Each locked door has its own key. You cannot use the key from another door. Keys are always located in the same district. They may be hidden in other buildings, in games, or outside on the street.

  • Gems
    Each district has its own jem. A few are hidden in games, but most are placed outside. Finding a district jem requires exploring the district.

  • Belly Stickers
    Belly stickers can be purchased in the Shopping District. Many of these stickers are cosmetic, designed to make your Miamiopian look great. Others are important, and are required to accomplish various tasks, or to enter various parts of The World of Miamiopia.

  • Tools
    Every district has at least one hidden tool. Most of these are hidden within games. Tools, such as boats, matches, ray guns, and many others, help you unlock hidden parts of Miamiopia.

  • Sack of Stuff
    Trophies, medals, gems, keys, tools, and any purchased accessories are all stored within a player's Sack of Stuff. These items can be viewed and used by clicking on the "Sack of Stuff" button at the top of every page.

A Note To Parents And Educators:
Miamiopia was designed with ease of use in mind. The many games, activities, and missions that players can choose to pursue, are each accompanied by clear and consistent instructions. Once your students or children master one game, they will then be able to quickly learn how to play the others. Every game and activity uses similar controls, and provides similarly located clues that students can learn to locate and open.

The purpose of the games of Miamiopia is to both entertain, and more importantly to teach. Many of these games have the answers and solutions displayed within them, but most do not. The answers are instead explained in detail on various pages throughout The KidsKnowIt Network websites. To find these answers, students can click on the button that says "Find The Answers". Clicking on this button will bring students to the web page that contains the answers to the games that they are playing.

For example, The Planet Plunger game requires students to shoot plungers at the various planets. The planets in this game are NOT labeled. This is to help promote memorization. To learn which planet is which, students should click on the "Find The Answers" button, which will bring them to the Solar System page on One of our educational websites. This page lists all of the planets, and provides links where students can learn more about each.

As students both play the games, and as they also research, looking for the answers, they will begin to retain the knowledge they are acquiring.

As a facilitator, you should help your children to reorganize that the answers can be found by clicking on these buttons, and encourage them to spend the necessary time looking for them.


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